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Top 10 Sample Thesis Defense Questions And Answers

Thesis is often calibrated by its defense. It is wonderful to absorb that in your enterprise to complete a research paper, you tend to neglect other options that could have been more worthwhile. It is also taken that you may have accidentally bypassed a few of those options even if you don’t accept that premise.

Sticking to the premise

There are times when you need to stick by what you write or essay. Of course, you need to have a worthy reason for it; but it also helps to communicate your reasons for not doing something. You have to mention these in a set of questions and answers so that your paper appears more authentic. Here are the examples of a few questions and answers to that effect –

  1. Why you chose to question people from A and B and bypassed C society? – I felt that C does not connect to the demands of the topical theme; what with its opulent innards.
  2. Why do you think that A and B could not have led to C? – C is diametrically opposite to the destinations of both A and B in view. Thus the assessment!
  3. Why you took so much time in completing the project? – I had to be doubly sure that the elements I have utilized do not deviate as they pass a certain time-frame.
  4. Why have you chosen A as the standing motif of your paper? – I feel that A is the most pertinent to this respect and covers the points rather well.
  5. Why you have chosen the particular set of theses? – The answer lies in the question. I chose them because they are the most relevant.
  6. Don’t you feel the readers may be dissuaded by your staunch support of the argument? – I understand that readers of this paper will have their minds in the right place. Moreover, this is extremely illuminating.
  7. Why is your paper not carrying any worthy examples – Yes it is an opinionated topic, but I felt it judicious to factor it with actual perspectives than resorting to figments.
  8. What do you feel is the future of your theory? – In all fairness, I feel that my theory will stand the test of time.
  9. Why have you not resorted to quota sampling in this case – I felt that random sampling will bring in more derivatives into the equation.
  10. Do you think this paper offers a worthy solution? – The solution offered is certainly viable, sustainable and tenable.

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