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Creating An APA Format Doctoral Dissertation: General Instructions

Are you trying to create a doctoral dissertation, but are not sure how to create the format correctly? Then take the time to learn the format rules that are required to get the project right. It really is not that difficult, and might even make the project a lot easier to complete if you follow the formatting rules closely. With that thought in mind, here are the top rules to follow when you are completing your APA doctoral dissertation and trying to get the format correct:

Table of contents

It is very important to have a table of contents that is professionally done. The best way to get this done is to use the table of contents feature in the software. This is highly automated and does not need much input from your side of things. You just need to know how to set this up. You can find out how to do that by taking a look at the help section of your software, or perhaps there is some software support online such as on file sharing websites.

With a good quality table of contents the reader can get to the specific sections of your dissertation that is needed. Also keep in mind that if there are many pages for your project, then keeping track of everything will be much easier with a table of contents.

Headers and footers

There are plenty of headers and footers out there that can be looked at to get an idea of how to execute them. These can be used to show the basic info such as the title, date and other info on every single page. Some departments will require you to keep certain things in mind when creating the headers and footer. You have to find out what these are and you can do that by paying a visit to your professor.


All the headings must be linked to the table of contents and they have to be very descriptive. Keep in mind that a descriptive header allows the reader to quickly identify what the content underneath it will be about. If you are tuck on this part have a look at example projects.


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