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How to Compose Winning Dissertation Conclusions Quickly

Congratulations! You've completed the introduction and the main body of your dissertation. Now it's time to write your conclusion. The conclusion is important as it ties everything together and ends your writing, so how do you write a strong conclusion quickly? By focusing on these things:

Restate your thesis

No you shouldn't copy and paste your thesis. Rather, try and restate it indirectly. Your thesis is the whole purpose of your piece, so it's necessary that it be in the conclusion, but you don't want to simply copy and paste it over; it needs be re-written and blend in well with your conclusion.

Emphasizing your topic’s importance

Your conclusion should answer the question, “So what?” You don't need to explain how your topic should or could change the world, but the conclusion should answer why it matters that you wrote your dissertation on the matter.

Other questions that could be answered in the conclusion to showcase the papers importance are those that relate to your field of study or even society. How does your topic relate to your field of study? What would the effects be on society? These things will further prove the importance of not just your paper, but your topic as well.

Putting an emphasis on the future

Provide future projections on your topic. What will change? How will it change? What's the future behold? These are all questions that can and should be answered in the conclusion. If you've done a great job at stating and defending your topic and argument, the reader should take your future projections more seriously while thinking about it themselves.

End with gusto

It's not always possible to end your paper with something powerful like a quote or anecdote that relates to your topic, but when possible, it's a great way to end your paper. Choose something strongly related to your writing that allows the paper to end in a clear and meaningful way. This will further push the importance of your writings, keeping the reader thinking about your paper even after they've finished reading it.

Your conclusion is meant to cap off the paper and your work. You want to leave everything out there, no cliffhangers and no new facts that should be included in the main body of your work.The reader should already know everything about your argument by the time they reach your conclusion.


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