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An Overview Of 15 Most Simple Dissertation Topics In Law

The study of law is rife with complications and many people have used this to their advantage, earning millions of dollars from the manipulation of facts. There will always be avenues for further development of law principles for use by both lawyers and criminals alike.

Always select a topic that you think you will enjoy researching when writing any paper, this helps to reduce the tedium of conducting hours of research. You should also do some preliminary research to make sure you have access to the information you require. Consider this short list of simple dissertation topics to help you along:

  1. Are all cases where a defendant claims that their actions were for self defense genuine? What are the factors that determine whether they will be found innocent in these situations?
  2. Based on the situations and condition for many people living in poverty, is it possible that one day, governments will be held responsible for certain crimes committed by hungry citizens?
  3. There have been many gender related changes in society in recent years, is the justice system able to keep up with these changes and make the relevant adjustments?
  4. Show why it is necessary to have companies take responsibility for the actions of their employees.
  5. To what extent should a parent be punished for crimes committed by their juvenile children?
  6. Are rape laws effective at discerning real victims from bogus ones?
  7. Should crimes committed as a result of negligence or shortsightedness be treated with more leniency than purposeful criminal acts?
  8. Should the death penalty be introduced and enforced for all forms of purposeful violations against humans?
  9. Is evidence presented in the form of DNA reliable enough to enable juries to decide the fates of defendants with it?
  10. Should a person’s past criminal history be allowed to dictate the course of their life or should employers be obligated to employ a qualified person despite their past?
  11. Eye witness evidence is regarded highly in the courtroom. How reliable is this form of evidence given the unreliable human memory?
  12. Small contractors often break verbal contracts made with employees, do workers have enough support to ensure they are treated fairly?
  13. Has the justice system of developed countries made any progress in reducing crime over time?
  14. Are there enough measures in place to ensure police officers behave as they should?
  15. Should the idea of consideration be replaced with a more suitable concept?

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