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A List Of 10 Unique Master's Dissertation Topics On Public Health

There are literally hundreds of topics that you can decide to write on for your Master’s dissertation. When you are ready to get your Master’s degree, this is the final piece to show that you have gained the knowledge and skills to help further studies in particular areas of your own choosing. Hopefully by the time you are ready to write a thesis, you have spent some time on a particular topic and concentrated on it.

Some of these theses lead to breakthroughs in science and technology. The idea of these thesis is to further the knowledge of all of those who care and hopefully help society as a whole. These essays are written to be read by people who are knowledgeable in that particular field of study. Hopefully these articles will cause further discussions and discoveries in a particular field and promote knowledge and discovery in different areas.

Public Health is an area that is extremely broad. Here are some topics that some people may find interesting to do their Masters dissertation on:

  1. Should it be illegal to smoke in a vehicle with a minor in the car? There is a lot of political debate around this topic. There are problems with personal rights of people and the state getting involved and then there are the rights of minors not to be exposed to something that has been proven to be hazardous to their health.
  2. Should a student with AIDS be allowed to attend public school? There is no reason why a child shouldn’t be allowed to attend school as long as precautions are taken but are anyone’s civil rights affected by allowing it to happen?
  3. Should a child who has not been immunized be allowed to attend school? Some people don’t believe in having their child immunized. Should that keep them from attending school?
  4. If you are obviously sick, should you be allowed to attend public functions?
  5. Can you keep your child out of school if you know there is a sick child attending class?
  6. Should smoking be prohibited from outdoor public events as well as indoor events?
  7. Should DWI devices be installed in vehicles where a person has been convicted of DWI?
  8. Should children be forced to take fluoride?
  9. Should it be illegal for pregnant woman to smoke or drink alcohol knowing that it causes harm to the fetus?
  10. How much should parents be told about their child’s health issues as they grow up?

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