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Effective Guidelines For Organizing A Winning Dissertation Defense

Completing to write your dissertation is not always guarantee that you will graduate with a degree. In fact you can you can rewrite your dissertation several times not because you do anything wrong in the writing process but only because you cannot defend the idea you have written. The strength of a dissertation lies in the ability of the scholar to defend it. Because of this, dissertation defending is something that should be started as early as when writing begins. The following are some of the guidelines that you can consider when preparing to defend your dissertation.

  • Know your audience Having knowledge of those that will compose your panel is very important. It helps you know the expectations of the panel and the choice of words. If the board will compose academicians that have been teaching you, then you need not to look for more extra information than that which you have been taught in class. If the board will consist of professors from other universities and boards, then you need to go an extra mile and be thorough.
  • Master your content You need to have the information you are going to present at your finger tips. It is something that shows you are confident and you know what you are presenting. If you are presenting using power point, then try as much as possible to reduce the frequency at which you look at the slides and use them as building stones for explaining yourself.
  • Know where trouble may arise There are aspects in your dissertation that you know can raise an eye and put you down. You need to master such areas and be well prepared to tackle any questions that may arise. Avoid being caught unaware by questions you never expected. Always have an explanation ready for questions that arise around such areas.
  • Try it with yourself Before you present to the board, first try it with yourself and hear yourself out. Train yourself to calm down and memorize the points. Alternatively you can have a small group probably your friends to whom you can present your dissertation defense and hear their views. The more you do this, the better you become each day. When the real day comes it will just be like one of those days you presented to yourself. When presenting to yourself, note your areas of weaknesses and work on them thoroughly. If you have questions regarding dissertation defense, ask for help here.

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