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List of Handpicked Dissertation Topics for Architecture Students

When you are looking to do a dissertation on architecture, there are some different forms of that you can choose from for your paper,

  • Adaptive
  • Preservation
  • Theoretical
  • Contextual
  • Typological
  • Historic
  • Sociocultural
  • Programmatic

And there are some classifications that these forms can fall in for your topic,

  • Houses
  • Public buildings, institutions, and offices
  • Fun and Leisure Facilities
  • Cultural Facilities
  • Urban Infrastructure and Planning

If you consider all of these different forms and classifications, then you will be able to choose a topic. And if you don’t know what topic to start with, that’s okay because you will be given a list of different topics that you can use below. And they might even give you other ideas for the topic that you want to cover in your research.

Architectural Topics

  • The development of property found on the waterfront.
  • The creation of low-cost housing for the poor.
  • How do you design an airport?
  • The development and architecture of a cinema or theater.
  • Displays in an aquarium and the design.
  • The development of a convention center
  • Luxury apartments in the city, at the beach, and other great locations.
  • Modern art museums
  • Schools of design and art
  • Terminal for a cruising design
  • What goes into designing a resort?
  • The development of educational institutes for students that are in rural areas.
  • The architecture of a multimedia film city.
  • Bioclimatic buildings
  • The design of training centers, automobile, welding, and so on.

These topics should be able to help you get started on the topic that you will be covering in your dissertation. The best way to write a great paper on architecture is to start early and gather as much research as you can on your topic. This will make writing it later easier because you won’t run out of things to say.

Before you start writing and researching your topic, you should consult your advisor on the topic. They will be able to tell you if you need to do something else or give you advise on the topic that you have chosen. They will also be able to give you all of the information that you will need to complete the paper. Including instructions on format and subject as well as all of the schools policies on writing your dissertation. This will be the last thing you write in your college career, and you want it to be great.

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