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Things To Know Before Writing A Dissertation In History

Dissertations in history don’t have to be hard for people who like to read, research, and are patient with their writing. It takes some time to come up with a perfect topic for your thesis, and you will spend even more time searching for the right data. But there are also some minor obstacles that you have to be aware of before you start writing.

You will never be “right”

History is a social science that presents postulates which are not entirely true or can be easily questioned. The thing is that many history problems are hard to prove or to discard because usually there is not enough data about the subject. You can deduce or give a logical assumption of a certain historical fact, but you will never be sure if you are a hundred percent correct in your statement. Don’t get irritated if someone is questioning parts of your dissertation, because even the best scholars who write historic papers have difficulties proving their thesis.

Know your disadvantages

If there is a part of history that you don’t understand or like, you should avoid mentioning it in your dissertation. Try to write only about things that you are certain about, that you have a strong and passionate opinion. Every sentence in your work will be questioned by your mentor, and you have to be sure that you know more about it than you have written. So just avoid the parts that are troublesome for you, and concentrate on the parts that you know a lot about.

Enjoy the ride

Writing your thesis should be a pleasure for you, no matter how much work you will have to put into it. If you chose a topic that is close to your heart you will have no trouble reading hundreds of books about it, skipping parties, and date nights in the name of your dissertation. You should write your dissertation primarily for you, and not care what your professor thinks about it or anyone else. If you listen to your guts, the passion and determination will show in your work and you will end up with an outstanding thesis.

You will need help

The book will not be enough if you want to write a really outstanding dissertation in history. You will have to meet some people and talk to a real expert in the field you chose to write about. This way you can learn many things that you won’t find in books, and they can tell you where to look for the information you need. Your expert doesn’t have to be a professor at a University or a scholar. It can be an ordinary person that studies history as a hobby, but he knows more about it than many history professors. If you find such a professional, you can ask this person for cheap thesis assistance and writing guidelines. They would probably be happy to help you at a little fee.

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