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List Of 25 Creative Dissertation Topic Ideas In Economics

For your paper in economics, or any other dissertation you will be asked to write, it is important for you to make sure you know how to select some interesting topics. The kind of topic you choose for your paper will go a long way in helping you score strong marks. In most cases, all you have to do is to look around you, and select a subject that you understand well enough.

The following are a number of brilliant ideas that you can think about, which will go a long way in helping you score better grades:

  1. Discuss the nature of the economics of the Civil War
  2. Discuss how the healthcare industry is affected by the state of the economy
  3. Explain the characters of successful entrepreneurs in the 21st century
  4. Discuss the concept of economies of scale
  5. Compare and contrast the economies of Haiti and Chile
  6. Explain growth from an economic perspective
  7. Discuss the role of probability in economic statistics
  8. Discuss how profitability and product economics affect the economy in general
  9. Compare and contrast the economies of the UK and Japan
  10. Discuss how immigrants support the economy
  11. Explain how product prices and costs are arrived at
  12. Discuss the importance of value added tax
  13. Explain how economics is tied to the NBA
  14. Discuss how a nation can notice its decline in economic capacity
  15. Explain why information is fast becoming quite an economic element
  16. Discuss how sales are affected by the nature of the economy
  17. Explain how government policy can be used to effect environmental economics
  18. Explain the importance of organized labor to the transaction cost
  19. Discuss the impact of a negative interest rate on the economy
  20. Explain the nature of the consumption patterns in the economy at the moment
  21. Critically review the impact that technological growth has brought on the economy of the country
  22. Discuss the major iron laws of economics
  23. Study the concept of Islamic banking, and compare it with the conventional banking systems, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two.
  24. Compare and contrast microeconomics and macroeconomics from a rudimentary perspective
  25. Discuss the importance of labor in the economy, highlighting the challenges that the country faces in lost earnings and the GDP when the unions call for strikes

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