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Where To Go Looking For A Dissertation Outline Example

If you are in the process of writing a dissertation, you certainly need a detailed outline. Why is it so important? An outline is your dissertation’s skeleton. Without it, you can easily forget to mention some important points, mix up paragraphs, miss something necessary, or add something useless, etc. Another important ability of the outline is the ability to save your time.

So, if you want to create a smart outline that will help you write and that will look neat and precisely formatted, you should look for samples of outlines that are available in the sources listed below:

  • Your supervisor’s storage.
  • The person who does your supervising certainly has some projects of other students that can be used as samples. These samples have one big advantage: they are proofread and they come from your supervisor. They are mistake and plagiarism-free, so you can use them without worrying about the quality. Besides that, you can use them as you wish and for free. The only thing that you should not do with these samples is copy them down. Apply some effort to the task and create your own outline, so that nobody charges you with plagiarism.

  • The library of your college and other libraries that you can access.
  • Libraries can provide you, not only with books, but, also, with academic papers of different types. If you need an outline for your project, you can find samples of outlines in works of other students that are carefully stored in the library. If you find other people’s works, you can use them as sources of interesting information, too. Sometimes, other students’ projects and their bibliography pages can be a source of useful information regarding reference materials of a high quality.

  • The Internet.
  • On the Internet, you can find numerous samples of academic projects that are collected in special databases. Some of these databases are free, others demand payment for the information they render. If you choose searching for helpful samples on the Web, make sure that you pick out the most reliable databases that provide the highest quality of samples. Besides that, there are useful manuals that can be found online. These manuals explain how to structure, compose and format outlines of academic papers properly and correctly. Such manuals are widely available at different resources, if you give enough attention to searching. They usually contain samples of outlines and a detailed description of each line in accordance to academic writing demands.

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