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General Rules For Writing A Doctoral Dissertation Literature Review

Are you a Master student and want to compose a top notch doctoral dissertation review? This should not be something to make your heart pound. All you need to put in mind are the general rules that are universally accepted by all people. Once you master the following instructions, you will be in a position to compose the best review.

  • Read the entire dissertation and comprehend it
  • The first step for composing a successful review is reading the primary source of information and master all the content. If you are certain you can forget, it is good to have a clean sheet of paper where you can write the key points that you find relevant.

  • Master the good and the bad
  • As you read through the text, you must sample out the advantages of the key subject and also the bad side of it. All these have to be mentioned in the text in a legitimate order. You can also choose to quote various sections from the primary dissertation paper. Your judgement should however, not favor a side that is unclear.

  • Give your personal judgement
  • In writing a review for a given dissertation, the writer is supposed to give his or her personal judgement. Nonetheless, this will be so impossible if you do not take your time to read through the entire text. The judgement should base on whether the author accomplished all the requisites of an ideal dissertation writing or not. If he or she did not, then you will have to give a brief description on how this could have been done.

  • Adhere to the correct format
  • The format of a literature review for a doctoral dissertation is very specific. Therefore, there is need for each student to study and be well versed on what is required. For instance, you need to include an introduction, the appropriate methodology review and eventually a brief conclusion containing your personal judgement.

  • Methodology section should be well crafted
  • In composing a review, you must understand the methodology section used in the prior paper. This will enable you have an easier time in incorporating the information into your own work. Basically, you need to look at the various methods that they author used to search for, analyze and present the information. For each method, you need to give a brief description that makes the reader understand why the author employed it.

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